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Joey has been great at driving and implementing the adoption of Metabase using Plural in his teams. He has a great knowledge of data infrastructure and the ecosystem. We enjoy having Joey in our community and look forward to continuing to work with him on new projects.
Joey had introduced us to Metabase and was able to implement the solution swiftly. Metabase is a great platform for our company BI reporting needs. allowing our product managers and business analyst to gain insight of our product and operations with ease.
Joey is outstanding to work with and quickly grasps all the business processes. This is in contrast to other people I worked with where the on-boarding was very tiresome. He is an expert in his field and provided us with valuable Insights the day after we contacted him. He shares the same enthusiasm and ambition for our products and already feels like someone we cannot work without with. I can warmly vouch for Joey's skill and can recommend him to anyone looking for an someone who is easy to work with and a great product analytics expert.
Jose is so devoted and enthusiastic professional. We have got even more service and expertise than we initially asked for and expected. Strongly recommend working with Jose on data analytics and engineering tasks

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