Your Business Partner for Cost Effective Data Infrastructure & Product Analytics

taleno.digital is your business partner in making sure that you get to deliver value from your data and contribute cost savings to your company.

We at taleno.digital exists not just to get more clients. We are here to help small & medium companies to reach their full potential by solving their business problems through data without them breaking the bank. We are your business partner in building a cost effective yet high quality Modern Data Stack & Product Analytics.

Our services include:
  • Data Strategy – Understanding the business and knowing the problems we need to solve.
  • Data Architecture – Recommend and setup the most cost effective Data Infrastructure for your needs.
  • Data Ingestion – Identify data sources to make automated data extraction & loading process.
  • Data Transformation – Design and develop the most sensible data model for your data warehouse.
  • Data Visualization – Create simple and easy to understand reports & dashboards to answer your business problems.
  • Product Analytics – Data-driven approach for product management & improvement
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