How it’s like working in a startup for 3 months?

Yesterday I shared about my failures in my attempt to journey into the startup space. In which I also shared at the last part on how it helped me get a job in Poplar Homes.

Fast forward today, I would like to share my reflections on the 3 things I learned working in Poplar Homes for 3 months.

  1. Property Management. I am learning a new industry (at least for me). This is my first ever job into the real estate market in the US. So far I learned about the different processes in property management and there sure is pain for the homeowners, property managers and renters. Specially if done very manually. And that’s where we come in to solve this painful problem through the help of technology. And so I knew that there’s this thing called PropTech now. Cool.
  2. OKRs or Objectives and Key Results. For almost 13 years working as a Data Professional in over 6 companies, this is actually the first time I encountered about OKRs. They were all about KPIs or Key Performance Indicator. However, I find that having OKRs is pretty much also having some KPIs but on a smaller scale. That’s the essence of OKRs. At least set Quarterly OKRs to see if the team strategies are effective as we can track them on a montly basis as well. So if something is not working, there’s still time to make some adjustments to achieve the set Objectives. It’s a big topic so I’ll try to cover some details in future blogs.
  3. Hiring People. As mentioned from my previous blog, only in Poplar Homes that I had the chance to actually hire people. I was supposed to have a Data Team from my previous job but I got no support and left hanging in the air. But hey, now I know that hiring people is not an easy task to do. Specially in the Data space. Though yes there are lots of Data Professionals out there now but balancing out the skills vs the budget is really quite challenging. However, we found a good strategy on how to get great talents fast. Hihi.

So yeah that’s how it goes for me so far. And I would like to take this chance to say ‘Thank You, Poplar Homes!‘ for all the opportunity you’ve given me in the last 3 months. God bless!