How to Blog using a Phone?

They say blogging is dead but hey I’m just getting started! Well maybe this is my less than 10th attempt I suppose. At least I can still count it on my fingers.

But it really doesn’t matter anyways. Perhaps, those days were my training period. Sad it took me years and maybe shows it shows that I’m a real late bloomer!

I really want to add emojis here but for some reason it’s not being displayed properly.

Ok enough talking / writing.

Here’s the 3 apps I need to publish a blog post using only my phone in 2022:

  1. Canva app – I use this app to create the thumbnails / preview of my blog post.
  2. Unsplash app – I use this app to get free to use beautiful photos as an alternative if I don’t have a thumbnail made in Canva. Or if I just want to show good looking photos related to my post.
  3. WordPress app – Yeah you read that right! Seems like WordPress steps up the blogging game with their new mobile app (which I’m using as I write this post). It has the most features I need to write, edit, configure and publish a blog post. It has very UX (user experience) that’s why I got hooked on mobile blogging.

So yeah that’s pretty much it! It’s really official! WordPress is now my new social media!

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