Why I prefer PostHog for Product Analytics?

I have worked in different industries assigned in their respective Data Team / Business Intelligence Department but Product Analytics is a new space for me. And I’m so thankful for the support given to me by my current employer, Poplar Homes.

So I started checking out the major players in PA (as of 2022): Mixpanel, Amplitude, Segment (but I later discovered that they are more focused on Customer Data Platform), Heap.io, FullStory (that apparently we are partially using already) & finally, PostHog.com.

After meetings with some of these vendors, having an auto-capture of events feature & pricing are the major factor for decision.

Given that PostHog can do auto-capture & at the same time offers a very generous 1M events every month for FREE is a no-brainer!

Just shortly after discovering PH, I find myself using it already! That’s how easy it is to get up and running!

Just follow these 3, oh sorry no, it’s just 2 super easy steps and you’re good to go:

  1. Sign up to PostHog.com. Yep that’s it. Here’s the sign up link to make it super easy for you. By the way, I’m not paid by PostHog to do this and that’s not even an affiliate link.
  2. Install PostHog snippet to your web app. Just right after signing up you’ll be given options on what kind of digital product you have. They support web app, react native apps and even native iOS and Android apps. There are plenty of ways to do the integration but the easiest way is to just copy your project’s code snippet and paste it to the head of your web app.
  3. Boom! Focus on finding insights. There you go. You can just wait for the live events to come in after you’ve done step 2. From this point forward, you are now allowed to just focus on finding insights for your digital product. You can learn more about PostHog here.

By the way, they also have a great slack community support. Enjoy using PostHog!

Ps. The name of their hedgehog 璉 is Max!